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English for Business celebrates cultural diversity and supports multinational teams in achieving the highest level of effective communication that is necessary for them to be successful. Our courses are tailored to address individual needs and focus on the business English and intercultural components that are the foundation of superior communication. We understand the unique challenges faced by non-native English users who are working in multinational teams because we have been listening to our students’ stories for over 20 years.

We have acknowledged success with companies such as PwC, Ernst & Young, HSBC, Lindt & Sprungli and BNP Paribas. We also work closely with small to medium enterprises as well as individuals looking to improve their business English skills. We know that businesses thrive when all staff members are confident and well integrated in the workplace. With superior communications skills, you and your team will work more effectively and productively and the company will be in its best position to run as smoothly, efficiently and profitably as possible.

A Point of Difference Lesson time flexibility – Our coaches understand the pressures on staff members and are flexible in rescheduling meetings. Authentic materials – Staff members are encouraged to bring authentic materials they are working on or have worked on in their role to relate the coaching specifically to their needs and specific circumstances. Professionalism and experience – All our coaches have extensive business experience as well as being qualified English trainers – often they are professional writers too. Individual attention – Whether choosing individual or group classes, we give each staff member individual attention to address their specific needs. To meet this objective, we always keep our class capacity to a maximum of eight.

Course Locations Since COVID-19, English for Business has moved all face-to-face coaching to online Zoom or Hangout Meet session. We are used to providing coaching across Australia as well as throughout New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East. Our Coaches All our coaches are highly qualified English as a Second Language (ESL) trainers and have extensive experience working in multinational teams both locally and abroad. After you or your staff member’s skills have been assessed, we carefully match the trainer to suit the objectives and needs for the course. Contact Leonie to arrange an Individual Needs Analysis at your workplace.

Personalised feedback and targeted vocabulary

Strategies for superior professional communication

Role play real workplace scenarios to get it right before going live

What our clients are saying

Leonie’s class is amazing. I’ve improved my social English and business English. I’ve signed up for a second class now

Linda - HR Professional

From Leonie’s classes, I’ve boosted my confidence because the classes are practical and can be adapted immediately to my workplace on a daily basis.

Edmund - Business Development Manager